Welcome to Elemental by Mel Starrs (1973-2012)

Mel Starrs

Elemental was created by Mel Starrs in 2006 to share her ideas and thinking about sustainability in the built environment.

Mel wrote passionately on a wide range of subjects, from Engineering and Science to Economics, Policy Landscape and she also found plenty of time for Fun. Consuming and writing about so much information while enjoying a succesful career demanded a parallel interest in Productivity.

You can explore Mel’s writing on a diverse range of topics using the links to the right of the page.

A graduate of University of Leeds, Mel was an expert in Building Physics and Green Building Ratings such as BREEAM, LEED and Code for Sustainable Homes. She was a frequent attendee and speaker at industry events where she enjoyed raising and debating industry issues.

On 14 July 2012, aged just 38, Mel suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and died at her home in North London. Those who knew Mel either in person, through her blog or on Twitter all miss her greatly, and there have been many tributes to Mel on this blog and elsewhere.

We will ensure Elemental continues to be hosted and maintained so that Mel’s ideas and thinking can still inspire others to continue the debate.

Please continue adding your thoughts and opinions to the articles.

If you would like to make a contribution to Mel’s favourite charity Cancer Research, you can donate here.