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How’s that for synergy?

by mel starrs on May 3, 2006

in Part L

The Art of Project Management
Just as I posted this, I found this post by Scott Berkun. Scott is a blogger and also author of The Art of Project Management. Although the book is primarily aimed at software engineers, there are obvious crossovers into construction engineering and more general management.

His post argues that the PMP qualification is likely just a money spinner for the PMI. His attitude towards the qualification is summed up by the following:

“Since the PMP focuses on an exam, it has the limitations of standardized tests: people study to the exam, not to the world. What do they know besides the minimum required to get a passing grade? Who knows.

an exam-centric certificate tells me only that they passed a test. Unless the job I’m hiring for matches the problems on that test, I’m not going to be impressed by the fact that they passed.”

This pinpoints the vague uneasiness I have with the LCC qualification. Whilst I selfishly embrace the opportunity to pimp my expertise with a shiny badge of approval from CIBSE, I’m sure there will be many consultants who don’t want to invest the time, effort and expense of qualifying if it’s nothing more than a way of generating cash to support the tier 2 documentation required for Part L. I’ll still do it, but I suspect the cynicism that comes with old age is starting to kick in…