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3D mayhem?

by mel starrs on May 15, 2006

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Found this article which is worth reading in full. I have been an advocate for 3D design since I can remember. Perhaps it’s because I’m (almost) young enough to be of the playstation generation, but to design in 3D just seems logical to me.

I was quite surprised by the statistic that Arup have only used this approach on 3 other projects – I’m not sure of the truth in that – maybe they mean the LA office. But it seems to reflect what I have found throughout the industry. Although companies have invested in software there seems to be a reluctance in using it as often as I would think it would be.

I’m interested in finding out why this is the case. I have a few theories – the co-ordination issues with the rest of the design team being an obvious one. But others that spring to mind are things which may or may not be tested or true. For example, is the underuse because it is perceived as taking longer? Does it take longer because engineers are not proficient in the software? What is the ideal ‘model’ for introducing 3D design? Do CAD technicians develop their engineering skills, or engineers develop their 3D drafting skills? Is this the ideal enticement for all the young folk we need to recruit over the next 10 years?
I’m still looking for an MBA project (12,000 words) to decide upon. There may be something of use in pursuing the above line of enquiry.

The other thought which occured to me is what would be the sustainability credentials of such a building, but that opens a whole barrel of worms and I will get hopelessly unstuck in the debate of art over function over morals, so I will pass on that today, I think.
(And Arup are doing well on their PR yet again)

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