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Catching up on that huge pile of books

by mel starrs on May 22, 2006

in Getting Things Done

I have to confess my biggest vice (and surprisingly, it isn’t a good Rioja, although that comes in a close second).  It’s buying books.  I can’t seem to help myself.  And the more I read, the worse it gets.  I start one book and I find a link to yet another book I want to read.  The guys at the amazon dispatch warehouse in Milton Keynes must feel they know me personally.  My bookshelves are groaning under the weight of all the unread tomes, and the guilt of not reading them… worse than not being able to keep up with the blogosphere.

So in an effort to catch up with all that reading, I ensconced myself in an apartment in Cyprus last week and chipped away at the pile:

Apart from the David Mitchell, I managed to get through the whole pile (with about 150 pages to go on ‘The World is Flat’).  I feel I got a good mix of fiction to non-fiction and I’ll try to write some reviews over the next while. I ought to get my fiction from the library, as it’s rare that I re-read them.  But I find myself constantly referring to the non-fiction stuff.