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Part L2 update

by mel starrs on May 23, 2006

in Part L

The pieces of the jigsaw are ever so slowly beginning to drop into place.

A new release of SBEM released on 11 May appears to work OK as long as your building is a nice square box with either mech vent or nat vent (no mixed mode or curves, please).

IES version 5.5 is now out and I’m impressed with it so far. I’m hoping to get onto the training sessions next week (web based live training – fancy schmancy). The only pain is that CIBSE are charging for the 2005 weather files, rather than releasing them to IES (£850+VAT!). I have no problem with paying for data, but a bit more transparency about this throughout the last few months would have been appreciated – we all have budgets to work to!

The tier 2 documents are trickling through, although TM22 ‘Energy, assessment and reporting methodology’ and TM38 ‘Renewable energy sources for buildings’ are still missing from the CIBSE documents. TM 39 ‘Building Energy Metering’ is now published and available for purchase. On 18 May ODPM filled in one of the missing links for Part L2 with the snatchily titled ‘Non Domestic Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Compliance Guide‘. And the pdf is FREE. A nice light piece of bed time reading.