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Hurrah for geeks!

by mel starrs on June 5, 2006

in Fun

I am a self confessed geek. I have no qualms about this. Rather than shying from my geekdom, I have chosen to embrace it. Why else do I find myself in my spare time blogging about business and engineering – a subject which no doubt would bore most folk to tears? It can only be explained by my inherent geekdom.

Over at BusinessPundit, my suspicions have been confirmed that geeks the future of (all) business and he gives 5 reasons why:

  1. Geeks seek knowledge for it’s own sake
  2. Geeks like to experiment
  3. Geeks openly debate the merit of technical ideas
  4. Geeks are concerned with doing good work ‘just because’
  5. Geeks are about results, not office politics

I am currently fascinated by how to employ the best staff within engineering consultancies. I suspect that looking for the ‘geeks’ is a smart move. Now, how to persuade them to work in engineering (rather than another tech field), and then even more frighteningly, how to manage them?