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BREEAM and ecology hit the local press and other stories from around the web…

by mel starrs on June 7, 2006


Story from the Yorkshire Post on 1 June 2006 in which a local ecology company are spreading the word about BREEAM.

In Canada, green buildings are happier more productive buildings:

One study of a green renovation to the post office in Reno, Nevada, found that the $500,000 cost was offset by productivity improvements in the first year — with energy savings as an extra bonus.

Brad Pitt is waving the green flag on US TV on PBS:

Pitt starts each episode with a rhetorical introduction: “They use 40% of the world’s energy and emit 50% of its greenhouse gases. They are not the cars we drive. They are the buildings we work, live and grow in.” Those statistics aren’t new, but they don’t seem to have completely sunk in yet, particularly with the environmental activists who continue to make the SUV the bête noire of the green movement.

And some good news regarding the seemingly unstoppable expanding economies of India China and Brazil and their impact on carbon. This report thinks it’s not too late to help out and with the right finance, structure things in a way which will reduce emissions:

“Rapidly developing countries such as China, India and Brazil need many people and consulting firms to do that same thing at the level of an industrial facility or apartment building, for example, to identify energy efficiencies across the board and exploit large-scale energy use reduction opportunities, and enlightened banks to finance them.”

And finally, CIPFA will be officially launching ‘Sustainability: A Reporting Framework for the Public Services’ at the CIPFA Annual Conference in Harrogate on Thursday 15 June.