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How should engineering consultancies market themselves?

by mel starrs on June 26, 2006

in Industry gossip, The Profession

Spotted in BSEE, White Young Green are now marketing themselves as “consultants to the built, natural and social environment”.  Further investigation on WYG’s website finds that the full explanation is:

“White Young Green is an international multi-discipline consultant to the built, natural, social and economic environment.”

Without mentioning the world ‘sustainability’ they have managed to encompass the 3 pillars of environment, social and economic factors. Now, have they done this because they predict a potential backlash, or dilution of the impact of the word ‘sustainability’ or sustainable development? Not so – it appears to be part of a wider agenda as they have also launched “The Sustainability Bureau“:

“The Sustainability Bureau has been established to provide White Young Green’s clients with a single point of contact for the full range of our sustainability related services. These multi-disciplinary services cover a wide range of the social, economic and environmental issues that form part of the sustainability agenda.

The Sustainability Bureau allows White Young Green to provide a co-ordinated, in-house set of skills to enable our clients to optimise the sustainability performance of their projects and operations.

We believe that the Sustainability Bureau presents a distinctive service to clients – others may offer some of the sustainability skills, but White Young Green has co-ordinated these into a format that is easy to access and which provides tailored solutions.”

This is the most concerted effort I have seen yet in the marketing of sustainability by one of the large multi-disciplinary consultants. That’s not to say everyone else isn’t undertaking the same consultancy activities – the difference here is how they are marketing it.  I have been unable to find any conclusive evidence on how effective marketing is for consultancies, but I shall be keeping a watchful eye on WYG and their share price compared to other listed consultancies.

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