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by mel starrs on July 3, 2006

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A nice piece in the Independent today by Stephen Tindale, Exec Director of Greenpeace, urging us to cut waste of energy.

In response, I can proudly say I have eventually bought a ‘one click’ power strip for my computer peripherals, saving oodles of energy and also stopping the hum when I’ve closed down for the night. It also protects against surge. Highly recommended and available from maplin.

And in the Observer a couple of weeks ago a quick funny article on saving the planet by sleeping more:

The 5 per cent of Britons who regularly grab less than five hours sleep utilise 16 per cent more electricity, 9 per cent more gas and consume and burn over 1.5g more fat in each 24 hours than the 6 per cent of Britons getting over nine hours in the land of nod.


Also found via Treehugger is GUSSE which looks a fantastic resource and is all published under a creative commons licence. This is of particular interest to me as I start the penultimate session of my MBA tomorrow on IP (intellectual property). More thoughts on that as they occur…

And this sounds so wacky it might just work (and it’s happening here in the UK):

Vibrations from passing trucks, the rumbling of speeding trains and
even the footfall of busy city commuters could be captured and
converted into energy to light walkways and buildings, engineers say.

via:: News in Science via Treehugger

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