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100 Days of Carbon Clean Up

by mel starrs on July 27, 2006

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Photo from Flickr
CIBSE have been promoting the 100 Days of Carbon Clean-up, due to finish mid-September. I’ve just spotted that the BBC are following Fulcrum‘s efforts on the news website – and they appear to be struggling with natural ventilation vs. a workable temperature in the heatwave too:

We’re too hot! Productivity in the office has slumped as the heatwave has kicked in. Our usually light and airy Victorian warehouse building is unable to keep out the exceptionally high temperatures, and our eco-principles are threatened as we all start to covet air conditioning. We are doing our best under the circumstances.

The option of flexible working hours on a more mediterranean basis would seem to be another viable option, especially if the power cuts in London effectively enforce a siesta! Of course this would require workers living fairly close to their homes. The shape of how we all live our lives is being questioned on a daily basis, and in ever more diverse directions. Issues of sustainability form a web or network across everything we do, and nothing can be considered in isolation from anything else anymore.