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Top 150 Global Design Firms

by mel starrs on July 31, 2006

in The Profession

ENR (Engineering News Record) have issued the top 150 global design firms on 24 July 2006.

Companies are ranked according to total revenue for design
services performed in their home country and abroad during
2004 in $ millions.

Note the 2 new contenders in the top 50 are from (no surprise), China. Whilst the full data set tends to point towards an oligopolistic environment (a few large global players controlling the majority of the market and therefore able to set prices) a report (pdf, 149 pages) (edit:1 March 2007, link broken, fixed to current location) from the OGC today makes an interesting point about the UK construction industry:

relatively low margins in the industry point towards a competitive, rather than an oligopolistic, market. As such, whilst there may be a relatively small number of major UK organisations, the way the industry operates in practice means that levels of competition do not adversely affect outturn prices.

This reflects the way the industry seems to work.  International companies bid against each other for large projects, whilst local consultants are able to make a decent living off a smaller pond, and the client pays a reasonable fee.

The Top 10 Global Design Firms are:

  1. URS
  2. SNC-Lavalin
  3. Atkins
  4. AECOM
  5. Jacobs
  6. Fluor Corp
  7. CH2M HILL
  8. KBR
  9. Bechtel
  10. AMEC

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