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Olympic Delivery Authority’s 12 Sustainability Principles

by Mel Starrs on August 10, 2006

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The ODA are proposing the following as the principles contractors will have to follow when delivering London 2012:

  1. Energy – maximise the opportunities for carbon efficiency whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the Olympic and Legacy development wherever possible.
  2. Waste – maximise opportunities to design out waste and provide new waste infrastructure, whilst minimising off site disposal during remediation and construction, through an integrated approach to resource management.
  3. Materials – identify, source and use environmentally and socially responsible materials.
  4. Biodiversity and ecology – protect and enhance the wildlife and its habitat of the Lower Lea Valley, and enhance access to nature.
  5. Land, water, noise, air – maximise positive and minimise adverse impacts on land, water, noise and air quality.
  6. Global, local and internal environments – design and build in a sensitive manner for internal and local environments, adaptable to future climates.
  7. Culture, heritage and built form – preserve and improve the heritage of the Lower Lea Valley.
  8. Transport and mobility – create accessible, pedestrian friendly Olympic Park and Venues, with good connectivity to surrounding areas.
  9. Housing and amenity – create new safe, mixed use public space, housing and facilities appropriate to the demographics and character of the Lower Lea Valley.
  10. Education and employment – provide new employment and business opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.
  11. Health and well-being – provide for new health, recreation, sporting and cultural facilities in the Olympic and Legacy development.
  12. Inclusion – involve, communicate and consult effectively with stakeholders, and communities surrounding the Olympic Park.

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Any comments on the ODA’s approach to sustainability should be sent to

One issue which I believe deserves an explicit principle of it’s own is water conservation – I’d better send them an email. Have they missed anything else? Drop me a comment or let the ODA know.

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