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Growth of mandatory BREEAM assessments in the north of England

by Mel Starrs on August 29, 2006

in BREEAM, Green Building Rating

Brownfield Sites

A new report out today from DCLG outlines the potential brownfield land available for redevelopment in the UK.  As a BREEAM assessor, I would predict that the majority of land owned by local authorities or other public bodies (such as English Partnership) would require a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ in order for any development to go ahead.  Looking at the graph above (click image to enlarge), growth regions would then sensibly be the North West and the South East.  Couple this with Manchester’s ‘Green City’ aspirations:

Planning requirement
All new development should achieve a post construction BREEAM rating of “very good” or “excellent”.

For developments with a BREEAM requirement a completed BREEAM Pre Assessment Estimator should accompany planning applications.

BREEAM is the standard being preferred by the planning officers guidance for local development frameworks for sustainable building, so more councils are bound to follow Manchester’s lead.  BREEAM – still a growth market after over 10 years!