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Part L1A & L1B – changes to application

by Mel Starrs on October 3, 2006

in Part L

Announced today on the BRE website:

Large dwellings over 450 m2

The limitation of SAP to dwellings of floor area not exceeding 450 m2 has been removed and SAP, rather than SBEM, should be used for Part L compliance for such dwellings.

Is this the beginning of the end for SBEM? Or might this be due to the difference in cost between a SAP and an SBEM calculation (I’m estimating a factor of 5-10)? Either way, all dwellings will now be assessed under SAP.  I believe common areas in flats are still under SBEM – I haven’t seen anything to contrary yet.

I referred in an earlier post to the elusive Appendix Q – it is now available here.

SAP 2005 Appendix Q allows the energy performance of new technologies and advanced versions of existing technologies to be evaluated for inclusion in SAP assessments.

This website provides a searchable database of performance data for technologies and products that can be entered into a SAP calculation using Appendix Q.

These calculation processes can only be used with performance data featured on the Appendix Q website. If the system being specified is not included in the database then Appendix Q is not applicable

And another approved software has been added to the list – SAPPER. On the website there are a number of other tools including a free EcoHomes checker.