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Set your video/Sky+ for (very early) Monday morning…

by Mel Starrs on October 19, 2006

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Found via Contract Journal, BBC2 are showing a series of programmes on Workskills in the Construction Industry.

Full Program:

0200  The Complete Guide
The construction industry is a leading employer with a huge range and variety of jobs and it needs more recruits than any other sector – 80,000 over the next four years. Find out about what jobs there are, what skills are required and how the future looks.

0300 Careers Advice
Matt Allwright takes two students to a vast inner-city building project to experience the realities of working on site and to find out how a variety of the workers got their jobs.

0315 Career Paths
Sarah Hallam is a bricklayer, Steve Cosgrove a site manager and Sir Neville Simms is the chairman of Carillion PLC, one of the UK’s leading construction companies. They all tell their stories of how they got where they are.

0330 The Contenders: Construction
Hannah Feddon is challenged to spend three days working on a high-profile building project for leading construction company, Bovis Lend Lease. Her key skills are tested to the limit as she has to bring together a slick Powerpoint presentation to the project director and his team. From networking at luxury hotels to getting stuck in with hard hats and wellies on the construction site, Hannah has a tough schedule to meet her deadline. Throughout her three-day ordeal, the expert panel watch her every move and ask if she has the necessary key skills to succeed as a Contender.

0400 Communication and Customer Care Skills
1. Communication Skills – Tips and techniques on this key skill for those in construction: how to make yourself understood, improve presentation skills, build good working relationships and negotiate successfully, whether it’s redesigning a school playground or designing the London Eye. 2. Customer Care – A look at the importance of having a customer care policy and ensuring that it is implemented, plus a look at a modern construction company which is strong on training.
0500 The Business
Practical advice and information from construction business experts, ranging from how to obtain management skills and qualifications, apply for training grants, manage finances and ensure continuous personal development.
0530 Twenty Steps to Better Management: Creating an Effective Team
A Scottish civil engineering bridge-building team reveals how to ensure that a team works well together by good briefings and leadership.
0545 Get Webwise: Business – Hands On
How to make the most of the web for your business, featuring one small construction company that is reaping the benefits of going online.

I wonder if the program at 5.45am will include blogging?