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New tool for benchmarking energy use in university buildings from HEEPI

by Mel Starrs on November 14, 2006

in Accreditation, Funding & Targets

HEEPI (Higher Education Energy Performance Improvement project) have produced a new energy benchmarking tool, CEBenchbuild, designed specifically for Higher and Further Education Institutes.

This free Excel tool allows you to benchmark the energy performance of any number of buildings on your estate and compare it to National Yardsticks and HEEPI’s own benchmarks developed from previous benchmarking exercises. It also calculates carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs associated with energy use in buildings, and identifies those with the greatest potential for reductions in both. The tool can be used for single buildings, multiple buildings within a campus or multiple buildings across an entire estate.

Unlike other energy software, this tool allows comparison of energy performance both within your estate and with other universities (through comparison with the benchmarks). Participation in a series of HEEPI workshops, Autumn 2006 – Spring 2007, will also help to identify key features of buildings which are contributing to high energy consumption, and hopefully lead to better energy performance across the sector.

HEEPI have included in the spreadsheet some updated performance indices, taken from their extensive research. This is a slightly more accurate starting point for design or energy consumption estimation than for instance the ECON19 (pdf) data which was published in 2000.

HEEPI performance indices