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Futerra’s 10 rules of sustainable communications

by Mel Starrs on November 15, 2006

in Psychology & Marketing

I recently came across Futerra’s ten rules of sustainable communications.  It’s a great little manifesto and reinforces the fact that you can’t scare people into going green.

  1. Big picture – make connections, demonstrate long term thinking, blow myths
  2. Technically correct – be trustworthy, provide transparency, give real facts
  3. Be cool – be sexy, mainstream, non-patronising, brave – stand out!
  4. Belong – join a massive worldwide change, start positive conformity, join a success
  5. Only stories work – empathy and emotions are powerful, use stories to hold people’s attention
  6. Optimism – sustainable development is achievable, avoid too much guilt
  7. Glory button – ‘sustainable development makes you a great person and we love you for it’
  8. Change is for all – break stereotypes, use inclusive language and images, push mass ownership
  9. We need more heroes – introduce icons to emulate – ‘be like me’
  10. Personal circle – relate big ideas to everyday life, give them a familiar context