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CIBSE’s ‘proper’ journal

by Mel Starrs on November 22, 2006

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The BSJ (Building Services Journal) may be the missive that comes through the door every month, but I had often wondered in the past where the peer reviewed scientically based journal aimed at CIBSE members was. Turns out it’s the snappily titled Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. It appears to have been running for at least 27 years. Now, hands up those who have:

a) heard of it?

b)ever seen a copy?

c) ever read it?

As I’m still a student at Leeds Uni, I have access to some recent back issues online. Sad eejit that I am, I actually miss the bound sets of papers that used to accompany the CIBSE conferences. Sets of powerpoint slides (when they manage to include them) just do not satisfy my geeky need of graphs and formulae.  With so many new and emerging technologies in our field, it’s good to know there is a source of peer reviewed, robust research out there.  Recent articles include: ‘A quantitative evaluation method for rainwater use guideline.’ and ‘A method of assessing the acceptability of noise levels in air-conditioned offices.’  Subscriptions start at £72 for 4 issues.