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Is all publicity good publicity?

by Mel Starrs on November 29, 2006

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Watchdog have been uncovering rogue solar water heating traders over the past couple of weeks.  The question is – is this bad publicity or can the industry exploit this opportunity and put a positive spin on the situation by raising public awareness of the technology?  Watchdog couched the story as ‘Solar water heating is becoming the new double glazing’. My advice?  Emphasise the fact that solar hot water won’t cost you £10,000 and will save you money.

Watchdog have also been looking into complaints against Warmfront.  Two energy efficiency stories in one week!  The report on Warmfront isn’t up on the website yet – the main complaint was the use of approved contractors who quoted much more than local unapproved contractors, with loans needing to be topped up by the applicants.  It wasn’t clear from the story if the quotes were exactly like for like – obviously this needs to be clarified.