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Another piece of the UK housing jigsaw falls into place – Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing published

by Mel Starrs on December 1, 2006

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29 November 2006: PPS3:Housing was published, a precursor to the Sustainable Code for Housing, which we all await with bated breath.  No explicit mention of EcoHomes in the document, but does this look familiar (from paragraph 16)?

Matters to consider when assessing design quality include the extent to which the proposed development:

  • Is easily accessible and well-connected to public transport and community facilities and services, and is well laid out so that all the space is used efficiently, is safe, accessible and user-friendly. 
  • Provides, or enables good access to, community and green and open amenity and recreational space (including play space) as well as private outdoor space such as residential gardens, patios and balconies. 
  • Is well integrated with, and complements, the neighbouring buildings and the local area more generally in terms of scale, density, layout and access. 
  • Facilitates the efficient use of resources, during construction and in use, and seeks to adapt to and reduce the impact of, and on, climate change. 
  • Takes a design-led approach to the provision of car-parking space, that is well-integrated with a high quality public realm and streets that are pedestrian, cycle and vehicle friendly. 
  • Creates, or enhances, a distinctive character that relates well to the surroundings and supports a sense of local pride and civic identity. 
  • Provides for the retention or re-establishment of the biodiversity within residential environments.

Fairly close to the principles of EcoHomes.  A statement regarding Code for Sustainable Housing is due in December, when we will find out what the fuure holds for the EcoHomes scheme.