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Eco-Hobbit house in Wales

by mel starrs on January 16, 2007

in Case Studies

Came across this fantastically bonkers looking house in Wales. Tolkien eat your heart out:

eco-hobbit house

Although this goes against my usual ethos of not making eco-options open to criticism from the more conventional in society (green doesn’t have to mean tree-hugging, sandal wearing, beardy weirdy hippies), I do love this. Yes, it is highly unlikely to catch on, and I doubt if we’re going to ever see eco-estates in the ‘burbs looking like this, but wouldn’t you just love to be able to say you lived there?

No information on whether the house passed conventional building regulations, although there is a philosophical debate on planning regulations on the site. With the small windows and thick heavily insulated walls, I suspect it might pass, although quite how you would go about putting it through SAP, I’m not sure…

(and if you want to see how not to build your own Hobbiton check out this example from Oregon in the states – as far as I can work out this is real!!! I think they’ve somewhat missed the mark with their McMansion Shire…)
::via Celsias

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  • Tjc Gold

    this house looks so amazing…

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  • Bertram Vanscyoc

    OMG, it’s a Hobbit house! I totally agree that it’s eco-friendly, probably because of the green roofing LOL. It looks really authentic – I wonder who the contractor was?