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More RSS love…

by mel starrs on January 31, 2007

in Blogging and social networks

I know I bang on about RSS on a weekly basis these days, but it really will be the future – honest. Great article here on how law companies in particular are embracing the technology to help cut down the clutter in email inboxes.

“It helps streamline existing forms of communication, so a company will see benefit right away,” said Oliver Young, an analyst at Forrester Research. “It can mean more efficient use of e-mail. It’s geared toward timeliness and what needs more, or less, attention. RSS can really drive benefit that way.”

If you haven’t embraced RSS yet, I have 2 recommendations. Google Reader is great for daily news feeds with many items. Since it launched, my wishlist of features has slowly been fulfilled, with the ability to sort feeds with the oldest item first now added.

For feeds which you might want to savour (longer, more opinion based feeds) I would recommend Bloglines. Both of these are web-based and can be accessed from any computer.

Of course, IE7 has an RSS feed reader built in, as does Firefox 2.0, but these are dependent on you being on the same computer all the time. If you want to access your feeds from a hotel lobby halfway round the world, Reader and Bloglines are the way to go.

The next step is for companies to integrate RSS into their intranets. For opinion on this, try Dave Pollard’s ever useful site.