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Round up of stuff

by mel starrs on February 3, 2007

in News

I’m in a really annoying situation where I have opened a load of tabs in Firefox of interesting stuff I want to blog in detail, but I have no time to do so. So they sit there and mock me. In an effort to shut them down and clear my conscience, here’s a really quick rundown.

  1. Carbon offsetting. A sticky topic. Defra launched a consultation on establishing a Code of Best Practice (pdf, 56 pages) for the provision of carbon offsetting to UK customers on 18 January 2007. Friends of the Earth still aren’t impressed. World Wildlife Fund also a bit underwhelmed. Even a good article from the Times on why offsetting should be a last resort. David Miliband explains why the bar was set so high here. I have a theory that carbon offsetting, rather than being a solution in itself, is a signalling mechanism which could in future help the C&C (contraction and convergence) lobby. I’m working up my ideas on this, but if the choices available are to fly and not offset vs. fly plus offset, then offset. If the choice is travel vs. video conference, then invest in the video conferencing, rather than offsetting the travel. I’ll come back to all this at a later date…
  2. Tesco eco-labelling. Guardian response here. FT here. EST here. Whilst it’s a commendable idea and in theory should make choices easier, I remain wary for 2 reasons. Firstly – is Tesco’s command on their supply chain really so stringent that they can do this? Yikes. If so, then there are a number of debates to be had (food miles is only one part of that). If not, how on earth are they going to implament this? A mammoth task. Secondly – we’ve had calorie information on labels for years. Has this prevented obesity? No. Will carbon information on labels stop global warming? Probably not, but we’ll all feel reassured knowing the numbers exist.
  3. Vaguely related to the above, Miliband again is getting embroiled in food miles. The comments on his blog are worth reading.
  4. Renewables Obligation is getting a reform. Really interesting topic and worth reading around.

I still have 2991 posts in Google Reader to crash through (about a week’s worth of news). If a speed read unearths any more of interest, I might add it in. I’ll also be doing a serious cull of feeds – 190 is just too unwieldy. My trends page on Google Reader shows what an impact a week’s holiday has on my reading (no, I didn’t keep up with my feeds on holiday):

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