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In brief: Malthusian solutions, Greenpeace consultation victory and PassivHaus

by mel starrs on February 21, 2007

in News

Craig Macintosh over at Celsias has a somewhat Malthusian solution to global warming.  Rather than agriculture limiting population (and thus limiting carbon emissions, halting or reversing global warming) a major pandemic could do the job much swifter.  As I keep mentioning, Jared Diamond covers similar topics in ‘Collapse‘.  Gareth Kane has population on his mind too.  As always, Dave Pollard has thought about these matters already – some interesting theories there.

Low Carbon Kid has his response to the news that Greenpeace have won their court case against the nuclear power consultation (the process was flawed rather than the policy itself).  The BBC are reporting that Tony Blair isn’t phased and policy will remain the same.  The Guardian has a full rundown of the story here.

Mark Brinkley has some great photos from the BRE PassivHaus tour in Germany.  Good to see PassivHaus can look ‘normal’.  I tried my usual source of images, Flickr, to see if there were any other photos from the trip posted yet.  Couldn’t find any, but there are a few photos tagged ‘Passivhaus‘, including an intriguing SolArc earth sheltered dwelling.  The german site for the building is here.  You can use babelfish to translate the page here – it’s not perfect but gives the general gist.  Mark has his thoughts on the tour itself here including some of his reservations regarding the standard.  He explains very well the difference between PassivHaus target of 15 kWh/m²/annum and carbon emissions targets set in the UK.