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Futility and green appendages…

by mel starrs on February 28, 2007

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Mark Brinkley has been to EcoBuild. It obviously hit a nerve as he has a blinder of a post up on the contradictions of greening our economy. Well worth a read. He asks if he’s alone in his morass – he’ll find fine bedfellows in George Monbiot and Dave Pollard.

Reading as much as I do, it’s easy to find myself caught in the headlights – not knowing which way to jump. Occasionally I find myself flitting from one opinion to another, reminding myself of Indecisive Dave from the Fast Show. It’s all to easy to find yourself getting sucked into a mire of doubt. But that wouldn’t help anyone now would it? So, to lighten the spirit, here’s a clip of the genius of the Fast Show: