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One Million Sustainable Homes

by mel starrs on March 2, 2007

in Accreditation, Funding & Targets


The news that Paul King of WWF is to take up the reins at UKGBC prompted me to revisit the OMSH (One Million Sustainable Homes) toolkit.

There is a wealth of information here:

The toolkit signposts useful sources of information that can be used by house-builders to inform their general approach to sustainability issues, as well as providing specific guidance for each of the benchmarking criteria.

It’s a worthy addition to any list of standards for housing although I’ll admit we might be drowning in them now.  I’ve been doing a fair amount of work in this sector recently and have some lovely circular mindmaps where each standard ends up recommending another.  OMSH is as guilty as any other of this, and has been running since August 2002.  They support EcoHomes as a standard, but builds upon this and expands into areas such as house building’s potential as a source of local employment.