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by mel starrs on March 7, 2007

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I’m not a big fan of Dubai – either of what’s going up or what’s going on. But I do know a few people out there working. I found this via RatandMouse.

An overview of Dubai’s megaprojects including the Palm Islands, Burj Dubai (world’s tallest building), Dubailand (world’s largest theme park), Business Bay and much more!

The video is over an hour long and has a bizarre euro techno soundtrack. I can see the attraction of working out there as these are not the kind of buildings getting built in Europe today.  If you’re a fan of building the biggest, the brashest, or the most ostentatious, it’s heaven but it’s not for me personally (and the soundtrack didn’t help…)

(edit: can’t manage to post the video and get it to work – anyone know an idiot proof plug-in for WP which will let me post from Youtube and Google Video?  I’ve tried Extreme Video, but it’s flummoxed me for tonight – compete brain meltdown….)