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Is Aubrey Meyer part of the Myspace generation?

by mel starrs on March 14, 2007

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I had every intention of blogging about David Miliband, 41* and his youtube appearance.

But it turned out to be quite dull. What did get me a bit more interested was the fact that an Aubrey Meyer had commented on the video:

“The Bill seeks -60% cut by 2050. This is too little too late and lacks a global rationale. Gov’t took the UK-only figure from the RCEP. RCEP recommended global Contraction & Convergence. The government avoids any global rationale for revision. Parlaiment’s All Party Group on Climate Change shortly publish a DVD with the global C&C risk-rationale and international support for this. DEFRA need this if they need all-party support.”

A fairly coherent argument and seems to match what Aubrey Meyer (the real one) says in his book ‘Contraction and Convergance‘. Is Aubrey Meyer, 60* really hanging out on Youtube and posting comments? Why not, I suppose. This belief that the Myspace generation only consists of cool teens and twenty-somethings is fast becoming obsolete.

*Apologies, this piece was crying out for tabloid style age references – Mel, 33