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The logic of green buildings

by mel starrs on March 19, 2007

in Green Building Rating

A very positive pro-green building article here from Eric Corey Freed, a San Franciscan architect.

For centuries, people understood how to use natural materials, thermal mass, insulation, and solar orientation to create comfortable shelter. One generation of “cheap” energy use has lost that ability. Tomorrow the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, yet our buildings are the same on all sides. Our traditional way of building is illogical.

He touches on something which I have been thinking about recently – the marketing of ‘green’:

In the near future, the phrase “green building” will be redundant. It will be the same as saying, “structurally sound building.” It will just sound silly. A green building? Of course, it’s a green building. All buildings are green! All buildings will be green, or we will have exhausted our supplies of energy, materials, and water. This is inevitable.

In the near future the term ‘sustainability consultant’ may be redundant too – all consultants will be sustainable, and I’ll go back to simply being a designer and consultant to the built environment. I’m looking forward to that day. I’m always reminded of the final scene in series one, episode 6 of Spaced (I haven’t memorised that, I had to go look it up) of theN’orn Irish biker, Tyres O’Flaherty, who looks around the club and proudly pronounces that his work is done…

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