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Comments and Feedblitz

by mel starrs on March 21, 2007

in Outlook, Wordpress and Other Tips

Apologies to all the folks who tried to leave comments over the past few days. Something went wrong with Feedblitz (which powers my email subscriptions) and it was redirecting comments to there. I’ve disabled the email subscription button on the side until I can work out how to fix it. If any geniuses out there can help – drop me a comment (now that you can again).

Current subscribers by email will continue to get the subscription, and if anyone wants to subscribe please use this link in the meantime.

I had a conversation with a new to blogging blogger over the weekend and we were comparing blogger (from google) to wordpress. We came to the conclusion that wordpress is to linux what blogger is to windows. WordPress is great and it lets you reconfigure virtually anything, but a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.

As I keep demonstrating.

If anyone out there is dabbling in WP and therefore HTML and CSS I can’t recommend Sitepoint’s ‘Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS‘ book enough – has saved my site on numerous occasions (even if it’s still not quite built the ‘right way’).