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All the usual suspects

by mel starrs on March 22, 2007

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green gurus

A nice placeholder piece in Building with various green ‘gurus’.  By placeholder, I mean it will be interesting to come back to in a few years time and see if things have moved on.  I suspect the gurus all would have said pretty much the same things if asked the same questions 5 years ago.

What’s interesting is that Building have asked for a ‘technology tipped for success’.  This in itself belies a belief that technology will ‘save us’.  Whilst fuel cells, CHP and biomimicry are all very ‘sexy’, their impact is probably not as great as ensuring existing buildings operate as efficiently as possible within economic means. This of course lacks the same focal ‘hook’ that these new technologies have.  It’s like the diet industry – ‘eat less and exercise more’ just isn’t as ‘publishable’ as the latest daft celebrity diet*.

Greenwash gets a pounding, and various myths are dispelled.  I didn’t start this post meaning to come across quite so negative – I do agree with most of the sentiments in the article and have crossed paths with a few on the list.  But given the pitch of this article, it could be some time yet before I need to retire the ‘sustainability consultant’ title…

*I’ve compared fuel cells to a daft celebrity diet – I’m being somewhat flippant obviously…

  • Phil Clark

    Testing whether this works.

  • Phil Clark

    Testing whether this works.