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Code for Sustainable Homes technical guide published

by mel starrs on April 3, 2007

in Code for Sustainable Homes

The good news is that the technical guide for Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is out and available here (pdf, 213 pages). Energy is now more heavily weighted (a total of 18.8% compared to 13.75% under EcoHomes 2006), new credits include composting and lifetime homes. Gone are the transport credits for local amenities and public transport.

As always, things have not gone exactly to plan. The Green Guide to Specification, referred to in credit Mat 1, page 80, has not been released. Latest news from BRE is that:

The Green Guide ratings will be published in an electronic format in April 2007 and an electronic tool and paper publication will follow later in the year.

We’re expecting it to be October (the CSH says: The Green Guide (2007) (to be published in late 2007)).

Quite what we all do in the meantime, I’m not sure. Muddle through as normal, I expect…