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Blaming the tools, not the operator…

by mel starrs on April 9, 2007

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My RSS issues seemed to have cleared up. After upgrading to WP 2.1.3 things seem to be back to normal, although I ended up fiddling with my feedburner feeds so they point at a slightly different place. So it doesn’t seem to have been something I did (probably…) – but something odd in WP 2.1.2.. If anyone notices anything ontoward, please drop me a comment.

Apologies to email subscribers, you will have missed the past 10 or so posts. Did you miss me? If so, click through and catch up:

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And to Phil, who asked if switching to WordPress would be a good idea. Free comes with a price – no ‘official’ support when things go wrong. However, all’s well that ends well, and I’ve learned how to back up my entire blog on my C:/ drive over the past couple of weeks…