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Happy Blogday to me!

by mel starrs on April 11, 2007

in Housekeeping

Birthday cake

It’s been quite a year, but Elemental is one year old today.

And to celebrate here’s some stats.

My top 5 most popular posts are:

  1. What exactly is a zero carbon home then Gordon?
  2. In brief: HIPS, renewables, timber and Arup
  3. Is this the future for energy generation – magnets?
  4. Caspar in Leeds due for demolition
  5. Eco-Hobbit house in Wales

Stats for each post are taken from Google Analytics which I use for my deep or long range stats. For daily ego boost, I use MyBlogLog which gives me an overnight glimpse at what people have been looking at and where they came from the day before. I keep a track of when people link to me using Technorati .

Since I started using Google Analytics in the middle of August I’ve had over 3000 visitors with nearly 5000 pageviews. My daily average is currently around 35-45 visitors a day, with a peak of 50. Of these I have 26 loyal readers using RSS and email subscriptions (only ¼ by email – RSS is winning the battle!). I track RSS and email using Feedburner. Growth has been slow, but steady.

So half of visitors to my site in any day are strangers who have googled for something. Top search terms (excluding my name or the name of the blog) include:

  1. breeam assessor
  2. ferguson brown sustainability
  3. theyworkforyou
  4. summit skills
  5. enr

The oddest way someone has stumbled upon me was someone searching for “funny rhymes about construction industry”. Let’s hope they found what they were looking for…