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Getting ready for EPC’s

by mel starrs on April 18, 2007

in Part L

The always excellent TheyWorkForYou has alerted me to these factoids:

Q: how much has been allocated to the Energy Performance Certificates scheme for (a) start-up costs and (b) 2007-08?

A:The Department has allocated some £1.96 million to start-up costs for the Energy Performance Certificates scheme. This money is required to put into place the necessary systems and calculation methodologies to support introduction of energy certificates and to develop guidance, qualifications and quality assurance frameworks for energy assessors. The allocations for 2007-08 are currently under consideration.

I assume this includes the upcoming public buildings, as well as housing.

Q : how many qualified (a) home inspectors and (b) domestic energy assessors there are on the (i) Buildings Research Establishment, (ii) Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and (iii) SAVA Government-accredited schemes?

A: As at 23 March there were 1,085 home inspector candidates who had successfully passed their exam. There were over 3,000 DEA candidates who were in or about to begin training, all of whom could qualify by June.

Accreditation schemes for domestic energy assessors are in the process of being approved by the Secretary of State, and will receive formal approval shortly. As no approval has yet been made details cannot be provided.

Still no formal approval!  Cutting it a bit tight, aren’t they?

Q: what funding her (Yvette Cooper) Department provides to government-accredited schemes to train (a) home inspectors and (b) domestic energy assessors?

A: No public funding has been provided to the commercial companies currently offering training courses to prospective home inspectors and domestic energy assessors.

The trainees themselves are responsible for payment of their own fees, but have access to the range of Government-backed schemes such as career development loans which are available to those wishing to upgrade their skills or undertake a new career.

Q: how many lenders offer a green mortgage in preparation for the introduction of energy performance estimates?

A: We are aware of four lending bodies who currently offer ‘green mortgage’ products, others have said they are interested in developing products. As the Chancellor stated in the Budget, the Government expect the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates and other initiatives to provide the potential for the market for ‘green’ financial products to develop further.

She hasn’t said who they are – anyone know?

Unrelated to EPC’s, but relevant to housing and obviously asked due to the impending merger of HC and EP:

Q: how much land is owned by (a) the Housing Corporation and (b) English Partnerships; and what estimate she (Yvette Cooper) has made of its value.

A: The Housing Corporation predominantly pursues its objectives through the provision of grant funding and does not currently own any land.

English Partnerships, the national regeneration agency, owns over 8,000 hectares of land being held for phased redevelopment and disposal, with an estimated market value of £1,838 million as at March 2006.

Nearly £2 billion of land in the coffers – good news for BREEAM and EcoHomes/Code for Sustainable Houses.  EP land requires a ‘Very Good’ certification as minimum or 3 star for CSH.