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Housekeeping – job alerts removed

by mel starrs on July 27, 2007

in Housekeeping

For anyone who was avidly addicted to my job alerts column (on the right), I’m afraid I’ve deleted it.  The job market for BREEAM is currently at saturation – if you are BREEAM qualified, there are tens, if not hundreds of opportunities listed on other websites.  And any exciting opportunities tend to come about by happenstance, rather than answering an ad.

I’m keeping the Google Reader ‘In the News’ feed for the meantime, although it isn’t quite satisfactory.  I’d like to see it knitted into my main feed, similar to what can offer.  Any bright ideas on this, drop me a line.

Oh, and if you think it’s quiet around here, it’s mainly due to my new Facebook addiction.  If you’re on Facebook and want to be my ‘friend’ (cringe) search for Mel Starrs – I’m the only one that exists.  It’s nice to be unique.