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AECB Carbon Lite running at full steam ahead

by mel starrs on August 1, 2007

in Green Building Rating

The AECB appears to be realigning it’s Carbon Lite program with CSH.  Press release in the latest newsletter states:

At the heart of the programme are three Steps to improved energy performance in buildings, which provide robust solutions to the CO2 targets at levels 4, 5 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. These steps offer extremely cost-effective ways of creating genuine CO2 emissions reduction in new buildings.

I had previously been confused as to why AECB seemed to be striking out on their own and they have been very critical of CSH in the past. Having facilitated a workshop on low energy standards in housing in UK, I am more than aware of the numerous competing standards and any paring down and rationalisation has to be applauded.

The AECB still seem to be a little militant in their approach though – I think they need to tone down the aggressive language, it’s not doing them any favours:

It is becoming increasingly clear that in the building sector, neither Government action nor Industry initiatives are leading to the level of regulatory reform or voluntary action needed to deliver a sustainable future for the UK, due to conflicting interests, ignorance of buildings’ actual energy performance and political uncertainty.

Independence may give them a licence to take a critical stance, but language like this is a turnoff.  IMO, better to say what can be done, than to point out what is wrong.  I’ll keep watching this space…