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Skyscraper Monday*

by mel starrs on August 6, 2007

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Plenty around on skyscrapers and tall buildings currently.  Fogetting for a minute Ms Greer, we have:

  • New guidance from CABE on tall buildings. Tall buildings may in future be acceptable at outline planning consent stage provided the proposals are part of a robust and credible long term master plan. The new guidance (pdf, 8 pages), just published, has called for tall buildings to exceed the latest regulations for minimising energy and reducing carbon emissions over the lifetime of the development:
    • para 4.1.6 The sustainable design and construction of the proposal. For all forms of  development, good design means sustainable design. Tall buildings should set exemplary standards in design because of their high profile and local impact. Proposals should therefore exceed the latest regulations and planning policies for minimising energy use and reducing carbon emissions over the lifetime of the development. The long-term resource and energy efficiency of tall buildings will be enhanced if their design can be adapted over time.

  • And not one, but two blogs/feeds to check out the world of tall buildings. James Newman’s Skyscraper News.Com which has plenty of UK news and Preston Koerner’s Skyscraper Sunday, a green look at global tall buildings every Sunday.

*I’m only going to have one Skyscraper Monday – Preston has a S2 (Skyscraper Sunday) every week…