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1% solution

by mel starrs on September 10, 2007

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Spotted in Architectural Record, an intriguing attempt at philanthropy by american architects called the 1%.

Practices donate 1% of their billable hours to projects for non-profit organisations, pro bono.

I like the concept of using billable hours, rather than a percentage of profit or turnover.  So for a company which tries to reach a utilisation of say 80% (i.e. 80% of hours are ‘billable’ or charged to the client and 20% are used on admin etc), then if a practice has 8 architects (or engineers) working a 1670 hour year, then almost 134 hours would be ‘donated’.  In practice, I assume that rather than 1% from each member of staff, the hours would be pooled to make them more useful.

Anyone got any other examples of philanthropy out there?