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by mel starrs on October 12, 2007

in Housekeeping

Things will probably continue to be quiet here for a bit while I do a bit of catching up and reorganisation.  Things I intend to do to the site:

  • Upgrade to WP2.3
  • Reorganise the blogroll.  I’ve been recategorising my blog feeds into 3 broad types across each of my topics.  The topics are generally
    • sustainable built environment (including architecture and building services) – feel free to suggest a snappier title for that one
    • economics
    • activism, sustainable development and general greenery
  • within these topics I’ve subdivided the types of feeds into blogosphere (i.e. those who aren’t affiliated with a publication, but may or may not make money from their blogging) and I’ve included comapny blogs as well as personal blogs (like PHS ); blogalists (yes – a totally made up word i.e. blogger/journalist) – those who are affiliated with a ‘proper’ publication (such as Phil or the guys over at Off the Record) or are Op-Ed feeds from journals or newspapers; news feeds which are not blogs or opinions, but rss feeds from magazines, journals and newspapers (like the Economist full feed which is completely free and averages over 100 items every Friday), mag-blogs (magazines online without a paper equivalent) are also lumped into this category (like Treehugger).  Within news feeds I have daily headlines and weekly reads and monthly journals. Finally, I have feeds from institutes and government bodies.  I’m wracking my brain trying to find a snappy title for them too. I just need a way of displaying on my sidebars now in a logical way…
  • Sadly, there’s a few on my current blogroll who have stopped blogging.  If you know of the whereabouts of anyone (for instance, they may have changed their feed/site without me noticing), please let me know.
  • Create an amazon store for all the great non-fiction I have been reading
  • My little experiment with FeedYes has ended disappointingly.  FeedYes have decided to insert ads into the free feeds.  I may have to revert to using WatchthatPage or find an alternative for my CIBSE feed (of course if CIBSE could just produce a feed for their news page I would have one less task to do…)
  • Find some way of closing out comments on old posts – I’m getting too much (i.e. any!) spam creeping past Akismet
  • I also owe several people responses to emails and comments and a few reviews of sites etc – bear with me, I’ll get to you as soon as I can…

And now would be a good opportunity for anyone to pipe up with anything which annoys you or could be improved with the site/

I’m sure normal service will resume soon…