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ZED standards

by mel starrs on November 21, 2007

in Green Building Rating

Poking about the ZEDFactory site I came across yet more standards. Bill Dunster teamed up with Arup’s to give us ZEDstandards, which on first inspection appear to be in competition with CSH (Code for Sustainable Housing) but predate them by 2 years (2004). Arup have been down this path before – SPEAR was drafted as an alternative to BREEAM, but to my knowledge was never a real contender. The ZEDstandards do reference EcoHomes, which is the basis for CSH.

I would be interested to see Bill’s reaction to CSH, especially given his cavalier reaction to LCBP. Pity he doesn’t seem to blog (yet?) – anyone seen anything elsewhere in the press?

Bill has also been involved in Jubilee Wharf in Penryn, Cornwall, which got a favourable write-up in the Guardian back in January. He’s learning from BedZED with:

“Wind cowls on the maisonette roofs provide ventilation when windows are shut, ushering in fresh air with the prevailing wind. Similar cowls on the roofs of flats at BedZED have seized up over time; the solution here has been wheel hub bearings from Ford Mondeos, designed to spin around for a quarter of a million miles or more.”

Good to see. After all, the definition of insanity (attributed to Einstein) is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I also have to commend ZEDfactory on the wealth of information they have made available here. No Smeagol attitude to knowledge to be found here.