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BREEAM around the internet

by mel starrs on November 26, 2007


I have BREEAM set as a key word in Google, Technorati, Topix, and Bloglines – if anyone writes BREEAM on the internet, I get notification of it (hey – you all know what a geek I am by now). Which is how I found this OT (off-topic) discussion on BREEAM at SingleTrack magazine. I like the guy’s opening gambit:

anyone know where i can get enough information to be be able to get the customer off my back?

Other gems I have discovered include Miller claiming BREEAM can make buildings 60% more expensive (WTF? ), 200 LEED Gold buildings in the US , a fascinating discussion on PVC windows in which BREEAM seems to be the enemy, an article in this month’s Building and Environment (subs only), my personal favourite from a Chinese blogger who believes “LEED works best in China not just because Americans are smart in business”, a manufacturer/supplier misunderstanding the scoring system for BREEAM Industrial , Green Globes (apparently an offshot of BREEAM, which I hadn’t heard before – I thought it was purly US based) trying to outdo LEED , BREEAM for Offices catching on in the Birmingham Grade A market and finally Dubai Maritime City is imposing BREEAM or LEED as standard.

Coverage is definitely increasing with time…