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Insurance companies taking notice of climate change

by mel starrs on November 28, 2007

in Climate Change

(another slightly out of date post – I liked my point about nat vent buildings though, so I’ve posted it anyway)

Via It’s the Environment, Stupid evidence Allianz/WWF (October 2006, pdf, 46 pages) plus Lloyd’s (pdf, 17 pages) are taking notice of climate change.

The only overt reference to the built environment within the Lloyd’s report is to that of overheating of buildings. This is an obvious concern, especially if it is already too late to halt the rise in global temperatures. Buildings designed at the end of the last century for natural ventilation may not be able to cope with elevated temperatures in the future.

The Allianz report has some interesting glimpses of what could happen soon:

…a new property insurance policy for LEED or Green Globes Certified buildings. This new coverage will specifically apply to the unique attributes of green buildings not covered by conventional property policies, such as solar panels, green roofs, and recycled water supply systems. Because green buildings are proven to be less prone to water damage, electrical fires, or full loss due to fire, FFIC will offer a rate credit of 5% to these building owners.