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Interactive map of UK renewable energy locations

by mel starrs on November 30, 2007

in Renewables

Since August 2006 this resource has been available and I failed to mention it until now.

From the press release: The collection of renewable energy statistics – began in 1989 via a project carried out by ETSU (now FES – a part of AEA Technology Environment) on behalf of the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Statistical Office of the European Communities (SOEC, also referred to as Eurostat). The project identified all relevant renewable energy sources and, where possible, information was collected on the amounts of energy derived from each. The database now contains 17 years of data from 1989 to 2005. RESTATS currently holds information on heat and electricity generated from all the following sources:

* Biofuels, including the combustion of biomass and wastes, co-firing, gas from landfill sites and digestion processes
* Hydro-electricity, both large and small-scale
* Wave power
* Wind turbines and wind-farms – onshore and offshore
* Solar – active solar heating and photovoltaics
* Geothermal aquifers
Information contained in the RESTATS database provides support to Government and Industry in a range of activities related to renewable energy. In particular, it is perhaps the most reliable means by which the success of the UK New and Renewable Energy Programme can be measured and monitored. More info at