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by mel starrs on December 18, 2007

in Opinion, Theory and Comment

I know I said I had gone for Xmas, but a quick comment on the supplement to PPS1:

para.  20:

In particular, planning authorities should:
– not require applicants for energy development to demonstrate either the overall need for renewable energy and its distribution, nor question the energy justification for why a proposal for such development must be sited in a particular location;
– ensure any local approach to protecting landscape and townscape is consistent with PPS22 and does not preclude the supply of any type of renewable energy other than in the most exceptional circumstances;
– alongside any criteria-based policy developed in line with PPS22, consider identifying suitable areas for renewable and low-carbon energy sources, and supporting infrastructure, where this would help secure the development of such sources, but in doing so take care to avoid stifling innovation including by rejecting proposals solely because they are outside areas identified for energy generation; and

– expect a proportion of the energy supply of new development to be secured from decentralised and renewable or low-carbon energy sources.

Now read that again with the mindset that regulation exists to form boundaries.  Is it just me, or is this giving permission to innovate (which surely does not need to be given).  An awkward way of saying things, in my opinion – being specifically told what we don’t have to prove…