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Plan B 2.0

by mel starrs on January 14, 2008

in Book Review

Has anybody read this yet? Lester Brown’s book (free ebook download at the link) has been sitting on my to-do list forever (since April 2006 at least – oops!) and rather than wait to read it myself, I thought I’d share it with you all in the hope that someone will read, dissect and point all the good bits for me.  I’m wondering if it would be possible to download it onto a Kindle (only available in the US so far) and save printing out the entire thing (I’m not great at reading on screen – too easily distracted by the big shiny internet), but I suspect it isn’t.  I’m still waiting for a reader which will cope with all the pdf documents I’ve collected over the years – a paperless world is almost here.

You can buy the book in paperback too of course, but free is a much better price!  The book gets great reviews on amazon.

Arghh – Whilst mooching about writing this, I’ve discovered Lester has a new book out in a week or so – Plan 3.0.  Now I’m REALLY far behind.