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Blog call

by mel starrs on February 1, 2008

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Quiet around here this week? I’m in Patagonia on the Navimag (a boat) and there is no internet access. By the magic that is scheduling posts with ‘post timestamp’ in WordPress I’m managing to post some posts, but not the daily offerings I had hoped.

So in the absense of anything approaching original insight or opinion, I thought I’d quickly call attention to the blogroll at the top of the page. It’s recently expanded and I’ve found some excellent blogging, mainly from architects. If you haven’t come across them yet, check out Alice at Remember I’m the Bloody Architect and also Life’s too short to drink cheap wine *, which is in it’s infancy but I’m hopeful will continue in the same vein.

Also returning to blogging after much too long a hiatus is Hana, now over at HAT Projects with new addition Iris.  Congrats and welcome back.

Which led me to thinking about our little ‘blogosphere’ – where’s all the structural engineers? I can’t find a single one in the UK and don’t think I’ve found any from the US who aren’t students. Why is this?

Blogging will remain light until beginning of March, with short flurries of when I get a chance to catch up with news. Hasta Luega…

*Can’t agree more…