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by mel starrs on March 12, 2008

in Outlook, Wordpress and Other Tips

It’s fairly obvious that I’m a fan of  But did you know it can be more than a cool way to save bookmarks?

For instance, today I found Pellings using it as a sort of pseudo blog. No link back to it from their main site (and no RSS on their news page) but by the looks of it, employees can post items of interest for various sectors or Pellings own projects.  Any other companies out there using it?

I follow a few people’s feeds (by RSS, of course) and one such person is lagavulin .  I have no idea who they are, but they have eerily similar links to me, so I keep a watch to see if they find juicy tidbits I have missed.  If you are lagavulin , drop me a line – who are you?

And one of the best ways to use is to use it as a search engine.  There’s a spooky synchronicity to how people tag things which makes it quite an easy way to find things.  For instance, if you search for ‘hobbit house green’, you get this page of results for which the top result is the house I blogged back in January last year.