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Carbon conscious – green and frugal

by mel starrs on March 13, 2008

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Slightly off topic and much more amusing than the budget (yawn), I found this gem by Dietgirl. Shauna has been blogging far longer than I’ve been reading blogs and is now a successful author to boot. In a fit of frugality she penned the following :

 I think green and frugal kind of go hand in hand. Less about sticking a bloody wind turbine on your roof and more about being thoughtful with your consumption. Of course, if you truly wanted to minimise your impact on the environment, you’d need to sit very still and very naked and not touch anything… and just wait to die. This is the only way I can see that one could avoid leaving carbon footprints and exploiting children in clothing factories and scoffing ill-treated chickens/ depleted fishes/ bananas from distant lands. Although you’d still be hogging oxygen and stuff.

 But here in reality, methinks you can only do your best to not be an obnoxious resource vulture. That way you get to save money and be smug all at the same time.

Yes, sometimes we can lose perspective, but rather than giving up entirely, let’s be sensible, get dressed, breathe, live and do what we can on a practical basis.