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by mel starrs on March 13, 2008

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What caught my eye today, March 12th:

  • Pay Your Air Share – via Freakonomics, libertarian carbon tax site from The Prometheus Institute in California.
  • The best of Lifehacker in Upgrade your life – More lifehacks than you can shake a big pointy stick at. 107 tips with links back to the article. Or you could buy the book (but why when you have the list?)
  • Pigouvian Taxes and Equity – Mark Thoma on perceived inequity of carbon tax re: rich and poor. The argument being that as a percentage of income the rich would be better off than the poor.
  • Thoughts on Google’s 20% time – great article from Scott Berkun on Google’s famous 20% time. Note: Google do not have timesheets! The 20% is not actually recorded – but still seems to work